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Put Machine Intelligence To Good Use

Buildings sector is responsible for about 40 to 70 percent of world energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Providing a shelter as the fundamental axiom of our lives, plays a great role in inhabiting the earth in symbiosis with the environment. Both as a treat or as a help. Automatic controlling of the components of residential, commercial, and public spaces can potentially help bringing down this impact while providing dwellers peace of mind and comfort. In AiCtrl we aim to use state of the art machine learning algorithms to leverage the potential of automated systems in order to tackle current global environmental issues.

Human Centric Solution

AiCtrl addresses the shortcomings of building automation to save energy while providing thermal and visual comfort. The trained models considers the main driving environmental conditions and their contributions to each component to control the systems effectively.

Multi Objective Criteria

Occasionally neglected factor of human comfort is what we care the most in AiCtrl. In our projects we always ready to go the extra mile to find the optimum solution based on multi objective criteria of visual and thermal comfort along with energy saving.

Ecological Awareness

Decisions in AiCtrl are made based on their impact on our environment. Our cloud based infrastructure not only developed to lower the complexity of on premise control systems while utilizing the cutting edge algorithms to control building components without expensive sensors, but also to minimize consumption significance which technology has caused.

Who We Are

Morteza Kasravi

  • Control Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Expert

Fazel Ganji

  • Doctor of Architecture
  • Civil Engineer
  • Building Scientist
  • Building Optimization Expert

Masume Sani

  • Front-End Intern


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